Valentine Days in Tokyo

Little different custom Valentine's day in Tokyo.

Usually,the day has given the girls an opportunity to declare their loves.
And `giri-choco' is the obligation chocolate to express my hearty thanks(not for real love)

This year, I had visited my favorite chocolate shop in Tokyo.

Anyway, really missing US valentine decolated cup cakes and cards from my friends.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!



The Killers is not in Tokyo

I am a huge fan of The killers.
Especially after seen their perform in Tokyo and Nagoya.
(I also could find out they are very nice as a person.)

Sam's Town is one of my best album.

I hed been waiting for their coming for three years.
I was about to see them again in Tokyo & seoul...

Unfortunately, the asia tour had cancelled.

They are going to take a long break after finishing their Australian tour.
Not sure when they will be back and see their show again.
I hope I could see their perform again someday... soon.

Thank you The Killers, good rest.