Know your enemy?

Amazing show!!
They have been playing since 1994, in my early teens, in US.
Their punk music was totally different from the rock music so far.

I had been loving to see their perform for a long time though I was not so big fan of them,
Since I had experience their gig in Akasaka Bliz in last May.

I was happen to see '21st cenury breakdown' one night gig.
Small place, great fan's atomosphere,,,and I was in the first low.
Their perform is perferctlly professional...
Billy, Mike and Tore,their chemical is not able to explain by words.
The live is not only theirs, but also ours show!!

This tour stage is different from May's gig.
But so big,so strong and be greatly encouraged.
I found out their fans are not only teens but are definitely loved across the generations.

Thank you so much!
Good luck for everything.
pic: May 23 set list
pic: Mike & Tore

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